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Learn more about the Tarp-Mate System

The Gen II apparatus comprises of the following components:

• Main frame

The main frame travels forward and aft along the horizontal long axis of a flatbed or step deck trailer. This travel is accomplished by a dual drive system as part of the block assy’s. All other components i.e. electrical power distribution box, wireless remote control receiver and linear actuators are mounted to this frame. The main frame has the ability to “Kneel” either forward or aft to accomplish a number of tasks. By pinning the main frame into the “Kneel Fwd” position the frame may be kneeled forward to either pull a tarp further forward of the load as required OR to position the frame in a travel arrangement where the top cross bar of the main frame rests into saddles located at the front of the trailer. The frame may also be pinned into the “Kneel Aft” position allowing the frame to be kneeled aft to a position whereas a tarp may be attached to quick release hooks.

• Tarp hook and release system

Quick release hooks are located on the main frame and are used to attach to tarp “D” rings. When a tarp is in a desired position a quick release cable on each side may be pulled releasing the tarp.

• Block assy’s

The block assy’s (2 ea.) are located at the base on either side of the main frame assy. The block assy’s support the wheels that run fore and aft inside the track extrusion attached to both sides of the trailer. The 12v DC motor and drive gears are also mounted to the block assy. The drive consists of a spur gear attached to the output shaft of the motor and rotates on a gear track attached to the track extrusion. When selecting the main frame “Trolley Fwd” or “Trolley Rev” buttons on the remote control the motor drive mounted on the block assy’s will move the frame assy in the selected direction.

• Track extrusion

The track extrusion is a custom designed aluminum track mounted to the rub rails the entire length of the trailer on both sides. It is on these tracks that the block assy’s (one on each side of the trailer) drive components engage and move the tarping apparatus forward and aft. It also houses the electrical wiring management components.

• Electrical assy

The electrical system distribution box is mounted on the L/H vertical frame of the main frame assy.  The electrical system receives its power from the 12v DC power of the truck battery system. The wiring is distributed to the power distribution box from the front end of the trailer using a wiring management system.  The power from the truck to the trailer is distributed using a two prong quick disconnect plug.  The electrical enclosure contains the wireless remote control receiver and motor drivers. The wires are from this point distributed to the linear actuators and drive motors located on the block assy’s and main frame assy.

• Tarp Positioning Pole

The tarp positioning pole is used by the operator during the tarping operation when the remote control is being used. The idea is for the operator to be able to assist in keeping the tarp centered on the load or getting hung up on protrusions from the load by pushing up underneath the tarp or grabbing a “D” ring to pull the tarp.

About Tarp-Mate

Tarp-Mate is the “Ultimate Tarping Solution” for Flatbed & Step-Deck Operators. We are a Veteran owned and operated company and are proud to be 100% made in the USA, and available in the USA and Canada.

Made in the USA

made in america

TARP-MATE is proudly made in the USA & available for purchase in the USA & Canada.

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We are seeking qualified distributors in the USA & Canada.

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