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Learn more about the Tarp-Mate System

The Gen II system comprises of an arch frame and drive system which operates autonomous and independently from any truck/trailer components or other outside help with the exception of 12v DC power coming from the truck main batteries and a track extrusion (supplied with the apparatus) attached to the trailer. 

The apparatus is controlled by the operator using a hand held remote control transmitter with the ability to manipulate all of the functions necessary to safely place stock tarps on a loaded trailer without ever having to climb on top of the load. 

About Tarp-Mate

Tarp-Mate is the “Ultimate Tarping Solution” for Flatbed & Step-Deck Operators. We are a Veteran owned and operated company and are proud to be 100% made in the USA, and available in the USA and Canada.

Made in the USA

made in america

TARP-MATE is proudly made in the USA & available for purchase in the USA & Canada.

Distributors Wanted

We are seeking qualified distributors in the USA & Canada.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, learning more about our product or wondering how you can purchase TARP-MATE contact us.